Westland Contracting Inc. was founded by Shlomo Portal to help commercial and residential clientele navigate the choppy waters of real estate development. As an engineer with decades of experience, Portal has expertise, experience and energy like no other.


We are customer-focused and our road is paved with great intentions. We have ongoing contact with our customers, we listen, we act, we team build, we resolve. We make sure that lack of time, budget or resources doesn’t stop us from doing what we need to do to meet our project needs. The importance of our customers and the need to become a customer-centric organization is of paramount important.


With a solid staff with over 20 years experience in construction, design/build, property repair, tenant improvement, new construction development and property management, there is virtually nothing WESTLAND CONTRACTING can not do.


Our focus on development provides us with a competitive advantage. This includes helping us to manage risks effectively, reduce environmental impacts, engage with our communities, decrease operating costs, provide additional business opportunities, attract high calibre employees and ensure their health and safety, and ultimately to deliver better returns for our investors.